London caricaturist and cartoonist, Simon Ellinas, available for hire

The caricaturist and cartoonist in London – what’s it all about?

• Born with a pencil in my hand. Not very fair on my mother.
• Unable to take anything seriously
• Half Irish and half Greek. The Irish side of me insists that laughter is the best medicine and the Greek side keeps looking for how to make money out of it
• Drew caricatures and cartoons of friends and teachers at school
• Was employed as graphic designer in various publishing companies including Marvel Comics UK
• Freelance cartooning career began with cartoons published in The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, News of the World, The Week and the Girl About Town group of magazines
• Magazine Designer for Abbey National, Marathon Oil, Rolls-Royce amongst others
• Publisher of Ha! Magazine in the Nineties
• Always a writer as well, I was a live comic poet and co-founder of The Poetry Shack in London
• Creator and writer of Cressida Forthright-Maine columns for London magazines
• Producer of Chattoon! – the chat show with cartoons – on Youtube at the moment, awaiting eventual broadcast on a TV channel soon!
• 2013 official live caricaturist at the Conservative Party Conference
• Collaborator/cartoonist and caricaturist on Kogan Page book The Complete Guide to Professional Networking with Simon Phillips
• Editor of Professional Cartoonists’ Organisation blog at
• Lives at home in North London with wife and two (adult) children and a gingery mongrel dog.
• Would swim more often if there was a pool near enough to walk to as I don’t own a car