Caricaturist Gerald Scarfe’s Bar in London

Caricaturist Gerald Scarfe in Scarfe's Bar

CARICATURIST Gerald Scarfe has a bar in a London hotel where his massive paintings preside over the drinking masses. As a cartoonist on his way to a networking meeting the other night, I couldn’t resist popping to admire the impressive displays. To one side of the Rosewood Hotel at 252 High Holborn, the bar has an exclusive, private club veneer which might put off the more casual visitor. Inside, the impression is more relaxed in spite of the extremely plush surroundings within an impressively-high-ceilinged venue.

Topical Cartoon by caricaturist Gerald Scarfe in Scarfe's Bar

Caricaturist Gerald Scarfe’s Topical Artwork

Using the poor quality of my iPad camera I was able to capture a few shots of the cartoons and caricatures including this exceedingly topical artwork making an acerbic comment on the refugee crisis.

The size of the canvases custom-made to fill the spaces between the tall windows allows Scarfe plenty of space for his expansive brushwork while artfully employing the spaces between each character with the minimum of detail.

Caricatures of British Politicians by Cartoonist Gerald Scarfe in Scarfe's Bar

Certainly puts my meagre little exhibition of cartoons in Barnet into perspective! It also inspires me to produce some large canvas paintings. All I have to do now is to find a big, posh bar in London willing to display them.


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