Cheap Caricatures from Photos!

Cheap Caricatures from PhotosCHEAP CARICATURES FROM PHOTOS done in the same style as on-the-spot caricatures are proving quite popular.

This mother and daughter couple were disappointed that I had to leave the party where I had been drawing solidly for four hours. So they emailed me their photo which I caricatured and emailed back.

In this way a caricaturist, like myself, based in London, can produce 'live caricatures' for anyone from anywhere around the world.

So, how cheap is 'cheap'? About half the price of my usual studio offerings: one person, £30.00; two people, £50.00. EMAIL your photos to me now and I will return with information about how to pay for this unique caricaturing service.

Cheap Caricatures from Photos by Caricaturist in London Simon Ellinas

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