News Satire: “Derren Brown completely transformed my life” says Derren Brown


IN ONE OF the longest-running psychological TV experiments of all time, a shy, insecure teenager who completely lacked confidence saw his personality completely transformed over the course of a gruelling series of programmes.

‘He used to be fat, lazy and completely unconcerned about earning a living,’ said TV magician Derren Brown. ;

In fact, Derren Brown never used to be any good at school where he was mercilessly bullied, he smelled a bit and had pimples.

‘We knew we could devise a life for him where he would learn the merits of cheating, deceiving and cruelly teasing people but call it “entertainment”,’ he said.

Twitter was in uproar today with conspiracy theorists saying that Derren Brown must have been played by an actor. They pointed to actor Derren Nesbitt saying how alike they were although they later admitted it was probably just the first name that confused them.



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