FAQs For Caricatures at Parties and Weddings

What areas do you cover?

If travel and accommodation are paid for, I will travel the globe to draw caricatures at parties and events. I have been a party and conference caricaturist all over Europe and, once, in Cairo!

How much do you charge?

Every event or party where I am hired as a caricaturist is different. The normal starting price is £350.00 for up to three hours (in the London area).

How long do you draw caricatures for?

Up to three hours per caricaturing event, or two sessions of about three hours if I’m a caricaturist at an exhibition or any event that I’m required to attend doing caricatures all day.

How long does it take to draw a caricature on the spot at a party?

My caricatures take up to five minutes each. So approximately 10 -12 caricatures per hour.

Are your caricatures only of the face?

Not always. I’ve recently returned to just drawing caricatures of heads and shoulders. This speeds up the service and really improves the quality of the caricature. However, when requested, I will draw full bodies and hobbies.

Do you draw caricatures in colour?

Yes. Once again, I’m one of only a few party caricaturists who adds splashes of colour to every caricature.

Can you print a special message on the paper?

Yes. For weddings, you might like the names of the bride and groom plus the date of the wedding. I can also add company logos to the caricature sheets if you send me a hi-res JPEG.

Can you draw a group caricature of all the people at a party or wedding?

Yes, I can. The best and most quality-rich way of doing this is for me to retain each individual caricature to take back to the studio. Then I will scan them in and compose a Photoshop montage of the entire group, adding a caption and anything else you might like. Then I can send you any number of prints of the group (usually A2 sized paper) along with the original individual caricatures to give back to all your guests.

Do you talk to people while you are drawing them?

Yes, I do. I’m renowned for my friendly banter, but it’s always respectful. It’s always best if a caricaturist gets involved with the people at a party or wedding. I can get to know little details that often end up in the cartoon!

Can you draw caricatures of the bride and groom beforehand to use on the invitation?

Yes. I have a full caricatures from photos service and this would fall within that category.

If I need more than one caricaturist can you provide them?

Yes, I know all the caricaturists worth knowing in the country and we always enjoy working together at parties and events. I can also provide other entertainers like magicians, silhouette artists, tarot readers and balloon modellers.

How can I book you?

EMAIL ME AT simon(at)caricatures.org.uk


Tel: 07790 893239


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