Cartoon Archive – The Accidental Salesman

ALL THE WAY back in 2007, Richard White commissioned twenty cartoons to illustrate his book, The Accidental Salesman. You can see them in an animated slideshow below:

Cartoon illustrations for The Accidental Salesman by cartoonist in London Simon Ellinas

Richard White is a charismatic and inspiring sales trainer and coach. He started as an accountant but found that he was ‘accidentally’ becoming a salesman. A keen proponent of ‘soft’ selling, Richard advocates telling customers ‘stories’ and getting to know your niche market. There’s handy advice for something so totally ‘niche’ as cartooning!

Another very important part to becoming a successful salesman, according to Richard, is to be a ‘nice’ person and to spend time talking to people regardless of the possibility of a commercial outcome. Personally, I’ve often found that it is longterm relationships which surprise you with their eventual commercial fruitfulness.

These cartoons were drawn to very tight specifications which was great for me as a cartoonist, as Richard could already see the images  he wanted in his mind’s eye.

The simplicity of the line, in unfettered black and white, serves to get the message across cleanly without distraction. This type of cartoon works well in books and also in Powerpoint presentations and on the Web. Additionally, it is very easy to add colour digitally at a later stage if the cartoons are needed for other purposes.

Drawing cartoons for books is a particular favourite of mine because they are projects that keep you busy (and solvent!) for a few weeks and the printed evidence of your work at the end of the project is a great little portfolio of your work to show other customers.

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