Cartoons and Caricatures Drawn Live on Television and Video and at Parties and Events

I HAVE OFTEN been filmed for TV drawing cartoons live on camera and have produced a series of cartoon-based videos called Chattoon! The Chat Show with Cartoons. You can see a selection on this page.

You can hire me to draw cartoons at conferences and brainstorming sessions where the visual input helps to clarify the main objectives of the meeting.

Live Cartoon Visualisation at Conference

Caricatures drawn on the spot at parties and events are always popular – everyone loves to watch an artist draw – and they provide your guests with a unique memento of the special occasion. I’m particularly keen on company parties, corporate events and awards nights, especially if they take place within the London area. The traditional pen on paper method is often chosen but I am doing more live caricaturing jobs with the digital aid of the Apple iPad Pro. This way, the colour caricatures are emailed to each person on the spot and they can also be displayed on a large screen at the same time. Printing is also an option, so that your guests can more easily share their caricatures with eachother.

You can book me for  your party or event by filling in the form below.

Live Caricatures Enquiry