Topical Cartoons by Simon Ellinas

An occasional satirical look at the news . . .

CARTOONS ARE GREAT for making comments about the news which couldn’t otherwise be expressed in words.

In my humour magazine, Ha! Humorous Arts we try to keep abreast of the news and produce satirical items as often as possible. Of course, a staple of most satire magazines is the cartoon. Cartoons that make a comment on current affairs are either called ‘political’ or ‘topical’.

Political cartoons normally contain savage caricatures of the public figures they make fun of. Topical cartoons can be seen as more wide ranging in the subject matter and usually employ a lighter touch with their use of humour.

My cartoons which make fun of those who deserve it, the politicians, showbiz stars and various public figures who seem to think they are above judgement, are invariably ‘topical’ in style.

I tend to go for a good joke at the expense of making any deeper serious comment. But then that’s me!

Here’s a gallery of topical cartoons that I have produced over the last couple of years.