Caricatures and cartoons on TV and Video by the caricaturist in London

Caricatures and cartoons on TV


AND SOME MORE Chattoon!s here:

OVER THE YEARS, I have been lucky enough to be invited into the exciting world of television in order to draw caricatures and cartoons on TV.

I was the caricaturist on the 100th programme edition of kids’ Saturday morning show Fully Booked back at the tail-end of the nineties and was booked to draw cartoons during the BBC’s Election coverage in 2005. My pre-drawn cartoons of Chris Tarrant were featured in the ITV show “What ITV Did For Me” celebrating their 50th anniversary. I drew the Murdochs and Rebecca Brooks for  Channel 4’s news coverage of the Leveson Inquiry into the Murdoch’s News of the World shady dealings. Unfortunately video footage of these four events is either non-existent or bad quality!

One sunny day in 2010 I was asked to draw Ricky Gervais, Karl Pilkington and Stephen Merchant being interviewed by Kate Garraway on GMTV which you can see on the left. It was great fun, although you never really achieve the quality of drawing on the spot as you would in the studio. However, it was this experience which inspired me to launch Chattoon! – the chat show with cartoons which has been given due consideration by many production companies and TV stations. It remains to be seen however whether Chattoon! will be broadcast to the world (apart from through its own Youtube channel).

Caricatures and Cartoons on TV News
Then, in the space of one month in 2014 I was called in by, respectively, Channel 5 and Channel 4, to draw live cartoons and caricatures on their news programmes. Firstly, it was St George’s Day and the Scottish Independence story which 5 News wanted lightly lampooned on their show. After being chauffeured into their Thames side studio, my cartoons and caricatures of David Cameron and Alex Salmond plus a kilted and tam’o’shantered dragon were filmed and skilfully edited down to quite a nice looking item (left), again making it look better than I remember!

A few weeks later, my old contact at Channel 4 News phoned asking me if I’d like to cover the current brouhaha surrounding Prince Charles and his comments about Vladimir Putin being ‘like Hitler’. I managed to rough up a cartoon situation of Prince Charles with his head inside a Russian bear’s mouth which they adapted slightly and added a couple of other visuals including a caricature of Vladimir Putin.

As always, I find it exhilarating being at the centre of the news coverage of some breaking story and it’s thrilling to feel that I have a small contribution to add which will be seen, albeit fleetingly, by a nationwide audience.

Caricaturist at Parties live on video:
The Not Forgotten Association

AT THE NOT Forgotten Association Annual Christmas Party, I was delighted to meet the actress Hannah Gordon (amongst others) and I was lucky enough to be filmed drawing her caricature, which you can see on the left.

Caricaturist at Parties Promo Video
THIS IS AN old video taken before HD was widely available but it amply demonstrates the fun that people have at parties with a caricaturist entertaining them. Not only do the recipients enjoy getting the caricature but the onlookers are entertained by watching the process.

Chattoon! The Chat Show with Cartoons!
THIS IS MY Youtube series of interviews with celebs while a cartoonist (often me) draws them.

The examples here include the first one with Comedy Store Players Neil Mullarkey and Richard Vranch followed by comedy drummer Rowland Rivron, comedian and TV presenter Les Dennis and American comedian Rita Rudner. There are plenty more to view at the Chattoon! Youtube Channel

Watch this space for new updated promo videos!