Caricature of Simon Le Bon

Caricature Diary October 27 Simon Le Bon

Caricature of Simon Le Bon

TODAY IS Simon Le Bon’s birthday. The frontman for Eighties’ pop group Duran Duran features in my Caricature Diary on the Sunday page which is one of the reduced size pages in a diary, so it’s often a bit of a squeeze! Simon was in the same class as me at Harrow School of Art and while I was painting a massive canvas with just a face (not much change there, then) he stood behind me and muttered “You’re good at faces”! At the time, I had no idea he was in bands. Coincidentally enough, I now have two friends who were both with him in his first band, Dog Days!

You can see the entire Caricature Diary HERE or at my Facebook Page.

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