Caricatures at a Party in Kent by Caricaturist in London!

Caricatures at a Party in Kent by Caricaturist in London

WHENEVER I’M getting ready to draw caricatures at a party, I have to refill my pens. This laborious process consists of opening each marker I use and filling them from the refill bottles over a carefully positioned newspaper protecting my drawing board.

Pens and Ink on Caricaturist Gerald Scarfe's Cartoon

This always makes a mess as it is inevitable that too much ink is poured in and the excess has to be shaken out. This time, it seemed to add an extra air of anarchy to famous cartoonist Gerald Scarfe‘s cartoon in the London Evening Standard. Appropriate or not (who knows?), Scarfe’s caricature of Russian leader Vladimir Putin appears to be gambolling in an explosion of smoke and blood.

All this was in preparation for a trip down to Westerham in Kent to draw caricatures at a party to celebrate the wedding anniversary of a retired police detective. Of course, for a Line of Duty fan this knowledge was accompanied by a veritable frisson of delight, even in the absence of Keeley Hawes.

My Police Detective hostess was proud to accompany me into the toilet (which didn’t lock; I wonder why?) to show me the group caricature she and her friends had had done in Barcelona eleven years ago. This was the benchmark I was up against this evening.

Caricatures of women in Barcelona by other caricaturist

Obviously, Street Caricaturing is a totally different market to Private and Corporate Entertainment caricatures. The good news was that I was amongst caricature fans. Here were some of the people who actually FRAME our lightning fast scribbles (and keep them in the toilet!) This served to set me at my ease along with some excellent guitar playing and singing from the one man band, complete with backing track and effects machinery. I will find out who he is and promote his services later on.

Drawing about forty-two people in just under two hours with many drawn as couples on single A4 sheets, I should have felt wasted at the end, but in fact, because they were such an appreciative crowd I still felt fresh and eager to please up to the moment my taxi arrived. Here’s my attempt at a caricature of Nigel and Sandra:

Caricatures at party in Kent by Caricaturist in London

Hiring a caricaturist to draw caricatures at a party is very easy. Just fill in the form below and let me know your dates, venue and special requirements and I’ll get back to you with more info and a quote.

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