Caricature pencil sketch drawing of Colin Farrell


Caricature Pencil Sketches

THE HUMAN FACE has always fascinated me since early childhood. The incredible variety in shapes and arrangement of elements serves to give the caricaturist or portrait artist an infinite playground of possibilities. While it’s nice to be busy with commissions, when I’m not it’s a great pleasure to try to capture some famous faces. Working with pencil sketch caricatures gives me the freedom to make mistakes and go over them and build up a finished image rich in tonal gradients. The sketches also serve as an archive that I can call on in the future and possibly turn into an ink illustration or colour painting.

Purity of Pencil Sketch

There’s a simplicity about purely using pencil that frees you up to think about the lines in the drawing and the relationship between your mind and the paper becomes extremely strong. There’s no ink to worry about, no constant changing brushes, paints or colours. Just you, the photo reference, the pencil and the paper. Of course, there is the commercial possibility as well, in that these pencil sketch caricatures look very good on the page surrounded by text. If you have a website or magazine where you could use this style of illustration please let me know in the form below.

Pencil Sketch Caricatures

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