SIMON ELLINAS IS one of London’s BEST professional caricaturists and cartoonists. Simon began drawing cartoons and caricatures of his friends and teachers at school and went on to draw illustrations for many newspapers and magazines featuring some of the most famous faces in the world.

Now available to provide entertainment at your party or event, drawing quickfire caricatures of the guests with either pen on paper or DIGITAL CARICATURES with an Apple iPad type tablet.

Solve all your GIFT and PRESENT problems with a Caricature From Photo to give a unique gift to an extra-special person.

ILLUSTRATE your books, magazines or websites with originally-produced cartoon and caricature artwork that will make your publications stand out from the crowd.

There are samples of artwork and information about all these services throughout this website. Please take a look around and CONTACT ME if you have any queries.

What on Earth can you use Caricatures and Cartoons for?

Caricatures from Photos for Gifts

Caricatures from Photos as GiftsIn the old days, only the rich and famous could afford to have portraits painted. Now you can commission something much more fun and, importantly, much more affordable: a caricature drawn from photos.


Caricatures at Parties for Entertainment


When you’re arranging any sort of party, be it corporate or private, you will want to make an impression on your guests with a unique entertainment combined with an extra-special gift to take home.

Simon is a caricaturist who can draw hilarious caricatures of people within five minutes each leaving rooms full of laughter and enjoyment at all types of occasion. Based in London, he will travel anywhere for company parties, corporate entertainment, weddings, birthday parties, product launches, exhibitions and conferences.


Cartoons for Publications and Websites

Cartoon of Boris Johnson entering Downing Street

Cartoons and caricatures can bring a website, blog, book or magazine to life with their colour, humour and instant visual communication of information. Illustrated words are so much more attractive to read than just endless blocks of grey text and cartoon illustrations can often say more than a thousand words!




Caricature of Hillary Clinton

THIS CARICATURE OF Hillary Clinton appears at the moment when she has decided to run for the Democratic Party nomination as Presidential candidate.

Of course, the world’s pundits are excitedly predicting that the wife of former President Bill Clinton will become America’s first ever woman President.

President Barack Obama has already said that Mrs Clinton, 67, would make an “excellent president”.

The Republicans had also hoped to offer the product from a political dynasty as their Presdiential hope.  The former Florida Governor and brother of George W Bush, Jeb Bush said on Sunday that America “must do better than the Obama-Clinton foreign policy that has damaged relationships with our allies and emboldened our enemies”.

The Clinton Foundation, a charity set up by Mr and Mrs Clinton, has also been criticized for benefiting from contributions from foreign goverments.

Conveniently, with immaculate timing, Hillary Clinton has announced that she has resigned from the board of directors, and that foundation policy is under review.

As far at the caricature of Hillary Clinton goes, it would be easy to go overboard on the wrinkles and crinkles as some other artists have done. Personally, blessed, as I am, with a milder style, I hate risking losing the facial likeness through over-exaggeration. Another black and white one, though. Once I am happy with the pencil rough, it is a joy to turn on the music and get stuck into layer upon layer of cross-hatching.

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