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Cartoons Caricatures and Illustrations

HELLO! WELCOME to my website which is a virtual portal into my world of cartoons caricatures and illustrations as well as a whole host of other creative pursuits.  This space is liberally splashed with galleries of cartoons and artwork as well as videos and photos from a cartoonist’s life. Please enjoy exploring and do send me feedback.
Cartoon Theresa May Hot Potato Brexit

What can you use Cartoons Caricatures and Illustrations for?

In Marketing and Presentations, the illustrated page or projected display makes far more impact than simply a block of text and/or diagrams. A skilful Cartoonist can take the most complex of topics and extract an apposite and memorable illustration that cuts to the heart of the matter in an instant. You can tie in topical events if appropriate and include caricatures of well-known company colleagues. The cartoons can bring to life a whole host of printed matter such as magazines, books, newsletters, mailshots, brochures, websites, blogs and books. My cartoons are increasingly being used in video presentations and on Television programmes. So the possibilities are endless. Just let me know what your requirements are. I look forward to hearing from you.