Cartoon and Caricature Illustration
by Cartoonist in London


Cartoon of Rishi Sunak in Daily Mail October 2021 Cartoon Illustration of Gravy Train for Daily Mail newspaper

Cartoon Illustrations in Newspapers!


Watercolour caricature gift for wedding

Watercolour Caricature Gifts for Weddings, Birthdays, Anniversaries or any other special occasion!

Cartoon on Cover of Business Matters Magazine Caricature gift drawn from photo in digital colour a4-sized by London caricaturist Simon Ellinas Caricature of Michael Gove drawn on the spot at a party by Live Caricaturist in London Simon Ellinas

Cartoon and Caricature Illustrations!

Caricature/Portrait Gifts!

Live Caricatures at Parties!

CARTOONS, CARICATURES and Illustrations for newspapers, magazines, books and as gifts and a unique entertainment at parties! I’m Simon Ellinas, a cartoon and caricature illustrator living and working in London. Welcome to my website where you can explore my artwork in a wide number of galleries and keep up with my latest news in my blog.

CONTACT ME HERE with any query.

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