Magazine Cartoons

Magazine Cartoons can illustrate text, copy and articles to bring them to life and to encourage the reader to linger.

I have been drawing for magazines, newspapers, websites and books ever since schooldays and started professionally by being published in publications as diverse as local newspapers and international titles such as Life Magazine. I am currently a regular contributor to The Daily Mail in London. Cartoons can still contain caricatures of any personalities mentioned in the text and often contain modern cultural references to make a point. In these days of easy self-publishing, I am often commissioned to illustrate books and I am available to consider all projects.

Ever since starting drawing for magazines and other publications, I have had a large roster of clients. As I used to hawk a physical portfolio of work around London, I garnered quite a few clients including The Sunday Times, The Sunday Telegraph, The News of the World, The Week, Girl About Town, Ms London, Midweek, Life Magazine, Total Politics and many others. Cartoons are often used for advertising and Public Relations, too and my work has been used by Saatchi and Saatchi, Wwav Rapp Collins, Hill and Knowlton and merchant banks such as Goldman Sachs. My artistic talents have also been used on the spot at company conferences and product launches where the illustrations tell the story of the day.

Below is a selection of not only cartoons for magazines  but also for newspapers, books and websites. You might also like my Topical Satire cartoons.

Contact me now with any queries about cartoons for magazines!

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