Live Caricatures of Gabby Roslin and Davina McCall

Live Caricatures at Venues around London

Live Caricatures at venues around London

I HAVE DRAWN hundreds, if not thousands of live caricatures at venues around London (you can see the results of some of my bookings in the gallery above). One of the delights of being an on-the-spot caricaturist is that you get to travel. And you get to see the inside workings of buildings, establishments and venues that most people never see.

Hotels such as the Grosvenor House in London are frequent arenas for my particular brand of corporate entertainment. Spreading farther afield, Cliveden, Tylney Hall, Leeds Castle, The Grove, Brocket Hall, Guildford Cathedral, St James’ Palace, The Natural History Museum, Hatfield House, Hampton Court and many others have been on this caricaturist’s itinerary.

Then there are all the small, provincial venues, from Travelodge hotels to rickety, plywood church halls, each leaving particular memories along with the myriad parties I have attended in private houses, sometimes to simply draw eight people sitting at a dinnertable!

The memories of such events is augmented by the associated travel experiences. Returning from one party at an Oxford college, I somehow managed to put diesel petrol into an unleaded tank (this is meant to be impossible) and ended up having to be rescued by a tow truck on the side of the M40 in Oxfordshire.

Just let me corner you alone in a pub one night and I could regale you with these and many more stories from the life of a live caricaturist!


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