Topical Satire Cartoons

As a Cartoonist, one’s thought often turn to attempts at satire. Over the last few years I have tried my hand at topical satire cartoons by producing a spoof magazine front page based on the News. This was inspired by a time when Facebook went down for a day and the outpouring of panic that it produced. Thus “The Noose” was born, sounding like ‘News’ and being a trap that the high and mighty might not want to find themselves in.

However, recently, the association of the image with the recent history of slavery and racial discord in America led to a rethink, and the current spoof covers will be under the title of ‘The Rake’ (both a common painful garden accident and a louche, decadent person). Hence: “Who’s stepped on the rake today?”

Topical Satire Cartoons on Facebook

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