Wall of Caricatures at

Wall of Caricatures at

Wall of caricatures at

MANY COMPANIES like to commission caricatures of their staff as a unique branding technique or a souvenir. The most common method is to produce a one-off group of the entire company (or department) in a single composition, as shown below.

Company group colour caricature drawn from photos as a gift

Company group colour caricature drawn from photos as a gift

Another popular service is the individual caricature when a colleague is leaving or to celebrate a birthday or other keynote event.

A3 Colour digital corporate caricature from photos

Corporate caricature gift from photos

But one of my regular clients over the past few years has been the London branch of the family research website Ancestry . Every so often, I am asked to produce a caricature from photos of newly-joined staff members. They then frame these pictures to keep on a special wall devoted to “The Ancestry Family”.

Ancestry wall of caricatures

The collection is growing at such a rate that I think they are going to have to move to larger offices to accommodate the caricatures!

I can produce caricatures from photos to a range of options and for any occasion: leaving gift, event commemoration, birthday, wedding, anniversary or JUST FOR FUN! I can also draw LIVE at your company or private party, producing quick, five minute caricsture gifts for your guests, withe with pen on paper or digitally with an iPad. Contact me now with any query!

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