A London Caricaturist’s Diary!

A London Caricaturist’s Diary!

WHAT DOES A caricaturist do when presented with a brand new diary at Christmas? I suppose I could have WRITTEN “Drew a caricature of Paul McCartney, went shopping; Woke up, drew a caricature of Brigitte Bardot, washed my clothes . . . etc” But no! Much better to SHOW the world what I do by drawing a caricature (and other assorted styles of pencil sketches and graphics) of each celebrity, living or deceased, on their birthdates. My Caricature Diary is still going strong and each entry, scanned and posted across social media receives a healthy number of gratifying ‘likes’. As well as a few enquiries about my other services as an on the spot caricaturist, cartoonist or portrait painter.

Here are a few of the Diary’s entries. I hope you enjoy them. You can see them all at my other site HERE and they are all in a gallery on my Facebook page HERE.

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