Caricature Gifts!

Caricature Gifts!

CARICATURE GIFTS from photos are great presents for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, prizes for sports clubs, company leaving mementos or to celebrate a company milestone achievement.

My pleasantly humorous style, honed from years of working for newspapers and magazines, is never over-the-top or highly exaggerated and leaves the recipient with a unique present they will keep for ever afterwards. I have produced hundreds of caricatures from photos over the years, for private individuals and companies such as 3M, Goldman Sachs, Channel 5 and many more.

Caricature gifts are produced simply by sending me several close up photos of the lucky person plus a detailed brief if ordering a situation/setting.

More immediate and more engaging than a formal portrait, caricatures gifts capture both the likeness and the personality of the subject in a way no other artform can.

I can provide them in a range of treatments from simple black ink on paper through to full colour digital print. Single caricatures up to crowded groups are possible. Whatever your requirements just send me an enquiry now!

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