Caricature Illustration for Leaflet

Caricature Illustration for Richmond Walks Leaflet

Caricature Illustration for Leaflet

MUSIC HERITAGE LONDON commissioned this group caricature illustration for a forthcoming leaflet about walks in Richmond. It features four famous residents of that leafy London suburb. Whether or not they are often seen walking there is another matter, especially as one has long been dead.

As with most commissions the process went through a couple of rough stages until the client was happy with the image. 

Caricature Illustration Rough for Richmond Walks You can see some of the rough stages here. Sometimes it simply turns out to be a matter of positioning or, in Pete Townshend’s case, a different angle plus the addition of guitar and a microphone for Mick Jagger.
Caricature Illustration Rough with guitar for Richmond Walks





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