Caricatures at parties – a great idea!

Caricatures at parties – a great idea!

Caricatures at parties – a great idea!

Caricatures at parties women laughing

ABOVE: Ladies enjoying the caricatures at Strutt and Parker party.

Make your party pop with this icebreaker: Caricatures at Parties.

What do you want people to say about your birthday or engagement party in the weeks, month or years to come?

“What party was that, then? Was I there?”

“Oh god, it was a right bunch of stiffs until everyone had downed a bottle of wine, and then they were just a pain…”

“It was agony, I’m so bad at talking to new people. I left at the earliest decent opportunity.”

No, probably not that. How about this?

“Oh, yes! There were such lively people there, I had so much fun – and I don’t even think I had more than a couple of drinks!”

“I’ve never talked to people so easily, usually I hide in the kitchen at parties. I made three new friends! I’m so glad I went!”

“Ah, that’s a party I won’t forget! I had such a laugh!! When’s the next one?”

Caricatures at Parties – the perfect icebreaker!

The difference between the first and the second parties is simple: icebreakers. I’m not talking about alcohol – though that’s how we usually break through that British self-consciousness and the “Must.Make.Good.Impression” paralysis. Nope, I’m talking about party ideas that get people laughing together, chatting each other up, having fun!

Here’s one icebreaker idea, then, to make this happen at your birthday or engagement party: caricatures at parties.

These can be highly artistic, detailed and with a deep-biting wit; or simply-drawn, minimalist and light-hearted – but they are always very funny.

Caricaturist Performers

If you want to get people involved, laughing and communicating early in the evening, you can’t beat a caricaturist. Well, you can, but they tend to complain. People just adore watching an artist at work – and when it’s their friends who are being turned into exaggerated works of art, they love it even more. These personal, comical portraits take just a few minutes to draw – 5 minutes or less – and people happily queue up for one, commenting loudly on the work in progress.

The caricatures give your guests a starting point for conversation with strangers (vital for the introverts amongst us), the ice is throughly shattered, and all are put into the right mood to have the best time they’ve had all month! What’s more, they have a party favour – a caricature portrait – to take home with them, which will remind them of the fun they had for a long time to come.

Here, too, are some other ways you can be making the most out of Caricatures at parties.

Cartoon party invitations

Personally-designed cartoon invitations will let people know this is not just another routine get-together, but one with some life to it. These could be a caricature of you or your group; or perhaps a breathtakingly satirical take on your event; or, for a themed party, a wild interpretation of the theme.

Cartoon Birthday/Engagement Gifts

If you’re struggling to choose a gift for that special person, any of the above would be welcome: perhaps a fine-drawn caricature from photographs, a cartoon birthday cake or a caricaturist for the evening.

Really, the options are endless, so if you’re a cartoon fan and want something a little different with cartoon illustrations or caricatures at parties just talk to me NOW via the form below.

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