Caricaturist Networking with the Waffle Club!

Caricaturist Networking with the Waffle Club!

Caricaturist London Live at Parties

AS A CARICATURIST often booked to draw caricatures live at parties and events, it is an obvious thing to do at Networking events to simply DRAW people in order to show them what I can do. While the common routine is to employ the spoken two-minute ‘elevator pitch’, which is essential for most other businesses, I can simply get out the paper and pens and draw whoever I happen to be speaking to.

Recently I attended the always vibrant and exciting Waffle Club in Central London, hosted by the ebullient Steve Blacknell. This is an event attended by a wide selection of ‘media’ folk from the worlds of music, television, publishing and, even, the legal profession. And they are just the kinds of people to appreciate a little artistic endeavour on display.

I was lucky enough to be able to present  top lawyer Michael Mansfield KC with a framed pen and ink attempt taken from a photo when he was, evidently, a little heavier than he is now!

Caricaturist in London Networking with Michael Mansfield KC

And Waffle regular Alan Galaxy seemed to delighted with this depiction of his unique visage.

Caricaturist Networking at Waffle Club

If YOU have an event coming up, networking, party or conference, and what to inject some fun with a unique take home gift, contact me now in the form below!

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