Cartoon Illustrations for Books

Cartoon Illustrations for Books

Cartoon Illustrations for Books

I AM OFTEN asked to produce cartoon illustrations for books. Self-publishing and print-on-demand services, such as Amazon, make it so much easier and cost-effective for today’s authors to get their ideas into print and out to the public.

A regular client and good friend, Jane Gunn, otherwise known as The Barefoot Mediator, has commissioned many cartoon illustrations for books from me over the years and the latest one is her guide to overcoming obstacles, The Mole and the Mountain.

It features Maurice the Mole, a character who first appeared, unnamed, in one of Jane’s earlier works and she liked him so much that she gave him a starring role in this mini-blockbuster.

Using my new Sailor Fude De Mannen drawing pen that I have recently fallen in love with, I tried to channel the influence of E. H. Shepard, illustrator of Winnie the Pooh, Wind in the Willows and many others. I certainly had a lot of bucolic scenery to attempt to depict.

Of course, I am available to draw cartoon illustrations for books and most other types of publication and you can contact me in the form below with any enquiries.

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