Caricatures in London!

Caricatures in London!

Caricatures in London!

I’VE BEEN DRAWING Caricatures in London for many years now. Although always primarily a newspaper and magazine cartoonist the novel opportunity to draw people live on the spot at events was offered back in the early Eighties when I was whisked down to Brighton to draw for an electrical company at a large trade fair.

Brand new to the totally different discipline, away from the safety of the studio drawing board, I equipped myself with a complete set of magic markers, pens and pencils and laboriously produced full colour caricatures at the very slow rate of one every twenty minutes!

That seems ridiculous now. The extra income stream was enticing so I honed my ability to become a regular caricaturist drawing caricatures in London (and elsewhere, including all over Europe and beyond).

In London, the events are many and varied with weddings, exhibitions, conferences and birthday parties predominating. From celeb-studded events like Comic Relief or the Writers’ Guild Awards in TV studios or the big London hotels to local events in suburban church halls and even, sometimes the occasional private house party (once, with only six people around a dinner table!)

Here’s a selection of photos from my time as a caricaturist producing caricatures in London providing hundreds of people with some great entertainment, hopefully proving that everyone is having a good time. If you’d like to book me for your event, just contact me through the form below!

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