The Best Caricaturist in London!

The Best Caricaturist in London!

CORPORATE ENTERTAINMENT and private parties have discovered a new attraction to add to their events in recent years. That is, the Live, On-The-Spot Caricaturist or ‘sketch artist’ as some people call us. Of course, the capital city, London sees an awful lot of these events throughout the year and the companies throwing parties for their staff or clients are obviously keen to hire the best caricaturist in London.

Group with live caricatures

What exactly IS ‘The Best Caricaturist’?

Anyone with a modicum of drawing ability can capture a likeness in a few minutes. It’s definitely not rocket science (I’ve given workshops demonstrating this!). What is more difficult is achieving a graphically professional-looking result with the artwork. Also, on the entertainment circuit, there is a feeling that you’re not just an ‘artist’ but also an ‘entertainer’. So, some of the ‘best caricaturists’ might be perceived to be those who wear outlandish costumes or those who have well-prepared comedy patter to keep their ‘victims’ amused.

Digital Caricatures at PartiesPen and Paper or Digital Caricatures?

Other criteria involved may include the options for the caricaturist in London (or elsewhere) to use traditional pen and paper or to produce digital caricatures on an iPad or similar electronic device. I’ve some of the best caricatures produced live in full colour on one of these machines and when they are connected to large screens, so have hundreds of happy customers. These are particularly useful at large, sprawling exhibitions or trade fairs. Companies, organisations and organisers of weddings or birthday parties may well have personal opinions about which way they would like their caricaturist to work and, once again, it is purely personal what one decides is the ‘best’.

Best Caricaturist caricature of Bob Harris in Magazine

Professional Caricaturists

Quite a number of on-the spot, live caricaturists drawing at parties and events are, or have been professionals with a history of publication in newspapers and magazines. This is no guarantee that they will be the best caricaturist in a live setting but for many, it certainly helps. Many customers, hiring entertainment for corporate events, birthdays or weddings will be reassured to see examples of published work on the caricaturist’s website. Others don’t mind at all, as long as the person they’ve hired has an attractive and engaging personality.

Personally, I have been delighted to have been able to appear at parties and events of all sorts adding that little bit of extra novelty to the proceedings. It is up to my growing list of satisfied customers to decide whether they think I am, in fact, the best caricaturist in London!

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