Cartoons for Poetry Book

Cartoon Illustration for Letting Go Poem
LADIES IN VARIOUS states of undress seem to be a feature of my work recently, what with the home worker on the cover of Business Matters magazine. Above is the cover to a collection of poems by Della Reynolds- More cartoons inside the book are shown in the gallery below. The book is available here:

Della is the campaigner for more government transparency through her website PHSO The Facts which has been lobbying the Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman since 2013 in an attempt to improve the quality of complaint handling and hold the Ombudsman to account. I produced some cartoon illustrations for the website, one of which you can see below, which is how we got to know eachother.

Cartoon Illustration for Trolley Dolly PoemAmidst all that she is a performance poet and has produced a collection of poetic observations about her life after divorce. Cartoon illustrations in books have always been one of my mainstays and have been amply helped by the self-publishing boom with the wallet-pleasing system of print-on-demand. A book is always helped with impactful illustrations to break up the text and to ram home messages in a few seconds which would otherwise take minutes, if not hours, to read. But an entertaining book such as this is even more ideal to be accompanied by cartoons and as such makes a the product complete. If you have a book that you would like illustrated, CONTACT ME NOW!

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