A cartoon paints a thousand words!

OVER THE YEARS I have been asked to draw cartoons for business presentations and books. The task is simply to distill various business concepts into single images in attempts to explain a thousand words in a few strokes of the pen. I have drawn cartoons in this way for management consultants, business coaches, sales trainers, pharmaceutical companies, financial businesses and others.

Some of these assignments are done live on the spot at meetings, some are drawn for publications and many are presented as slides in presentations.

If you have a package of business concepts to get across, you can easily amplify the message with cartoon illustrations. Your audience will look at the picture first and get the meaning of your message in an instant before then going on to read the details In the text.

The gallery above shows a small selection of cartoons from a variety of such commissions. If you have a business message you need to make more impactful, please contact me now!

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