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Topical Cartoons Illustrating News Politics and Current Events

THE WORLD’S  news and events is a rich mine of inspiration for many cartoonists. Even those of us who are not earning from it find it impossible not to offer a satirical view with appropriate topical cartoons. While a few of my topical illustrations are published occasionally, in the majority of cases I try to encapsulate major events to share on social media, which is a very useful publicity medium. Here is a gallery of topical cartoons covering events stretching back across quite a few years.

Topical Cartoons for websites and publications

YOU COULD commission cartoons that relate to news items in your industry or field of business to feature in your magazines, newsletters or websites. All I would need would be the news stories you are covering and I would produce some rough ideas for consideration. The inclusion of illustrations with a current affairs emphasis would give your publication an extra-hard-hitting style which readers enjoy. If you would like to find out more, please make an enquiry in the form below.

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Caricature of Philip Hammond at the Conservative Party Conference

Tony Blackburn and the 50th Anniversary of Radio One! 

A Recent Topical Cartoon

The Latest Noose!

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Topical Cartoons for Websites