Testimonial for Magazine Cartoon

Testimonial for Magazine Cartoon

Cartoon on Cover of Business Matters Magazine

IT IS HIGHLY gratifying when a client gives me a testimonial for any sort of cartoon or caricature work.

You can see some HERE.

Most recently I received the following nice message for drawing the magazine cartoon above:

“Simon is a pleasure to work with. He gets the brief straight away and there isn’t a constant flow of version 1-10 as you don’t need to have. He is our go-to cartoonist whenever we need them for our magazines and websites”Richard Alvin, Group Managing Director, Capital Business Media, publishers of Business Matters Magazine.

Sometimes, you get a more informal testimonial in a blog or social media post, like this one, for the ‘Map of Experience’ I drew for Jane Gunn:

“It’s brilliant thank you

and completely fits the brief!


It’s always a pleasure to work as hard as possible for clients when you know you might get positive feedback like these.

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