Sketch Artist

Sketch Artist

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OFTEN A Caricaturist is referred to as a ‘Sketch Artist’ because of the speed at which we work when drawing at live events. But many of us persist in pursuing ‘proper’ sketching in our spare time. It pays to keep practiced at observing and trying to accurately depict scenes with the correct proportions and perspective.

sketch artist pencils

It is becoming a habit of mine to carry a little shoulder bag full of artist’s sketching materials. And, thanks to the generous donations to charity shops by those who, perhaps, thought it was a good idea at the time, or who received inappropriate presents, there is a seemingly endless supply of pencil and pastel sets at a fraction of the cost from art shops.

In the selection of sketches from my sketchbook above you can see that nothing is ever completed – a sign of the few spare minutes per day that I get to sit outside a cafe and draw scenes from the street. The pencil drawing of stones on the beach benefited from a little more relaxed sketching.

The art of sketching with pencils and sometimes direct in ink is, hopefully, a discipline that will inform and improve my abilities in cartoons, caricatures and painting.

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