Recent Caricatures from Photos

Recent Caricatures from Photos

RECENT CARICATURES from photos (above) have included two from long-standing clients and one (the black and white caricature) from a new one.

Colour caricatures are drawn in black ink on paper at first and then scanned into the computer where I add colour in Photoshop. The finished product is a high-quality digital print. Black and white caricatures are ink on paper and,in that sense, more of an original artwork – you get the the actual paper that the caricaturist has drawn onto.

I’ve been considering, in recent times, to return to providing original watercolour caricature work and, indeed, have done so a couple of times with gratifyingly appreciative receptions.

There will always be a place for the digital caricaturist, as the technique greatly speeds up the colouring process. So digital colour caricatures will always be cheaper than the more work-intensive watercolour variety.

See my current offerings and prices in Caricature Gifts.

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