Caricaturist at Weddings

Caricaturist at Weddings

Caricaturist at Weddings

Bride and Groom Wedding Caricature by Caricaturist in London




I HAVE JUST been a caricaturist at a wedding for the first time many months. It was a wonderful occasion up in Norfolk at Hales Hall It was so busy that I didn’t have time to get any photos, so I am posting some photos from previous weddings here.

Weddings are different to other occasions and parties. The bride and groom have to factor in many elements to make sure their day goes smoothly from choosing the venue, the actual ceremony, the timings of the drinks and the dinner and, of course, the entertainment.

The most important thing for the caricaturist at weddings is to make sure that the happy couple see that their guests are enjoying themselves and that their moment at the party is encapsulated in as nice as possible a graphic way.

I usually start by drawing a few guests as they have their champagne and canapés immediately after the ceremony and then carry on afterwards while they are eating at the wedding breakfast/dinner. The important thing is to get all the family on the Top Table done before moving on to other guests.

Guests at weddings are usually a large number of couples and so the double caricature is often the main requirement, to give them a unique memento of their friends/relatives happy occasion.

Being booked for Wedding Entertainment can lead to all sort of mini-adventures. Arriving at Hales Hall after a long cab journey from Norwich station, I asked the musicians who were setting up if this was the wedding of Rebecca, who had booked me. They hadn’t heard of a Rebecca! Flustered and worried that I had misread the email and that it was possibly a 2019 booking, I was rescued by the Hales Hall manager who confirmed that Rebecca was one of the guests who had booked me. I wish I had known in advance! Added to that, my mobile phone had disappeared but, once again, Briony De’Ath, the Hales Hall manager came to the rescue by phoning my phone and finding it was still in the taxi that had dropped me off. The driver very kindly returned with the phone and refused any extra payment. As if in a perfect counterpoint to all this drama, the wedding caricatures went perfectly with everyone enjoying my cartoony efforts.

A very auspicious return to the world of being a caricaturist at weddings. Enjoy the gallery of weddings below and please contact me if you’d like to arrange caricature entertainment at your wedding or any other event by using the form below.

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