Cartoons for Newspapers

CARTOONS IN NEWSPAPERS and other magazines and publications is still a requirement in this digital day and age. And, of course, their digital offshoots in websites and social media are often a lot more vibrant interesting with a cartoon or caricature illustration strategically placed.

I was lucky enough to be commissioned by the Daily Mail for the main Budget feature back in March and the follow-up Covid-Mini-Budget in July.

The commissioning editor actually caught me on a mini-break on the Isle of Wight for the second one. Fortunately, a good cartoonist always carries pens and paper (plus a handy iPad Pro for adding colour) and I was able to turn this one round in a couple of days.

Daily Mail Budget Cartoon october 2021

Daily Mail October 2021

ABOVE: Cartoon in Daily Mail, October 2021

It’s always exciting working for newspapers and magazines as you feel like you’re at the cutting edge of events and then see your work printed on paper the next day!

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