Cartoons and Caricatures in the Daily Mail Newspaper

Cartoons and Caricatures in the Daily Mail Newspaper

Caricatures of people in the Daily Mail Newspaper Xmas editionCaricatures of Jeremy Hunt and Eddie George in cartoon for the Daily Mail newspaper Bufdget November 2023

RECENT CARTOONS and caricatures in the Daily Mail newspaper have been commissioned to illustrate the Chancellor of the Exchequer’s Budget announcements and also for the Daily Mail annual City and Finance Xmas Quiz.

It’s always a delight to work for a national newspaper with global reach, thinking that your caricatures and cartoons are going to be in front of such a large readership.

For the Budget cartoons, I have to keep my eye on the developing news about the Chancellor’s most likely measures and come up with images which sum up the situation as succinctly as possible with some humour. Newspapers often quote a buzz word or phrase which sparks off an image, like, as shown here, “Focus on Growth”. The other details from other national budgetary concerns are included in smaller details around the central figure of the Chancellor, Jeremy Hunt.

The City and Finance team of the Daily Mail like to print a Christmas Quiz of some of the main financial events of the year. This is a different type of illustration and mainly consists of caricatures of characters, both hero and villain, from the UK City and Financial worlds.

Always an absorbing project for me, as a lifelong cartoonist and caricaturist, with the added frisson of the newspaper deadline, although I doubt if the presses would ever be stopped just for a cartoon illustration!

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