Latest Cartoon for the Daily Mail

Latest Cartoon for the Daily Mail

Cartoon in the Daily Mail for the Spring Budget

THIS IS THE latest cartoon for the Daily Mail that I produced to cover the Spring Budget in the United Kingdom. Hingeing upon various phrases uttered by the Chancellor of the Exchequer, Jeremy Hunt, this cartoon has to be produced with enough up to the minute references to the actual Budget itself. So, ‘long term growth’ and ‘pathway to lower taxation’ were key components as was the ghost of former Tory Chancellor, the late Nigel Lawson who was very keen on tax cuts. Last minute items added on the day included the freezing of alcohol duty and the cut in National Insurance tax.

The journalists on the Daily Mail City and Finance desk are charmingly keen on making cameo appearances in these cartoons and you can see them along the bottom witnessing the Group Editor whizzing along in her Fiat CinqueCento.

The cartoon illustration is not only featured in the paper but also online HERE.

cartoon about the Budget in Mailonline website

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